Boozzter – Pan feeding system for cockerels

Comfortable eating for males only
  • The feeder lines hang beyond the reach of the hens.
  • The wide grill openings offer cockerels with full-grown combs easy and comfortable access to the feed.
  • Also after spiking all males have plenty of chance to eat.
  • An anti-swing clamp stabilizes the pan on the tube. The feed remains in the central part of the pan.
Fast and uniform feed distribution
  • The high capacity auger and the unique patented pan design provide a fast and even feed distribution over the pans.
Maximum feed savings
  • The special stepped pans with 10 individual feeding trays exclude selective pecking and feed waste.
  • Boozzter TM is equipped with a handy feed level adjustment ring.
Durable, 10-year guarantee (*) on the complete pan (* Degressive)
  • The pan parts are of durable UV-stabilized plastics, which resist all commonly used cleansing agents and detergents.
  • A solid hinge allows easy, thorough cleaning, without removing the pans.


Animal info

Number of birds/pan


Average age at removal (weeks)


Average weight at removal (kg)


Max daily feed intake (grams/bird)

130 – 150

Technical info

Pan Material

polypropylene (nylon top support)


488 x 325 mm

Average pan contents

350 grams

Quantity per feed level

approx 16 grams

Grill spacing width (*)

 from 40 to 50 mm

Grill spacing height

 60 – 70 – 80 mm

Transport Material tubes

galvanized steel

Outside diameter tube

44,5 mm

Feed amount (**)

600 grams/meter tube

Max. pellet diameter

4 mm

Power unit

0,55  kW – 3/4 HP

3 phase 50 Hz

560 RPM

Feed transport capacity

700 kg/hour

Max length of the line :

1 pan/tube

150 m

2 pans/tube

150 m

3 pans/tube

130 m

4 pans/tube (***)

100 m

Suspension points

max. every 3 m

Average height

3,25 m

Installation time (including assembly,

3 skilled people : 1 line  (100 meters) per day

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